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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ve•ni•alˈvi ni əl, ˈvin yəl(adj.)

  1. able to be forgiven or pardoned:

    venial offenses.

    Category: Religion

  2. excusable; trifling; minor:

    a venial error.

Origin of venial:

1250–1300; < ML veniālis < L veni(a) grace, favor, indulgence (akin to venus; see venerate , Venus )


Princeton's WordNet

  1. minor, venial(adj)

    warranting only temporal punishment

    "venial sin"

  2. excusable, forgivable, venial(adj)

    easily excused or forgiven

    "a venial error"


  1. venial(Adjective)

    Pardonable; able to be forgiven

    A venial sin.

  2. venial(Adjective)

    Excusable; trifling

    His venial youthful indiscretions.

  3. Origin: From venial, from venialis, from venia

Webster Dictionary

  1. Venial(adj)

    capable of being forgiven; not heinous; excusable; pardonable; as, a venial fault or transgression

  2. Venial(adj)

    allowed; permitted

Anagrams of venial

  1. alevin, leavin', valine


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