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Princeton's WordNet

  1. velar, velar consonant(adj)

    a consonant produced with the back of the tongue touching or near the soft palate

  2. velar(adj)

    of or relating to the velum

  3. velar(adj)

    produced with the back of the tongue touching or near the soft palate (as `k' in `cat' and `g' in `gun' and `ng' in `sing')


  1. velar(Noun)

    a sound articulated at the soft palate

  2. velar(Adjective)

    Articulated at the velum or soft palate.

  3. velar(Adjective)

    Referring to a veil.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Velar(adj)

    of or pertaining to a velum; esp. (Anat.) of or pertaining to the soft palate

  2. Velar(adj)

    having the place of articulation on the soft palate; guttural; as, the velar consonants, such as k and hard q

  3. Origin: [See Velum.]


  1. Velar, Rajasthan

    Velar is a small village surrounded by hills in the Pali district of Rajasthan in India. Its population is around 800. It is attached to the western railway. The nearest station is Nana. Velar has a history dating back to more than a thousand years and hosts many temples. The village is very old. It has existed for the last 1200 years. There is evidence that shows that it was in existence at the time of the ruler Prithiviraj Chouhan i.e.. The temple of Jalerii Mataji i.e. goddess of water, is very famous in this area. If any unmarried girl comes into the range of this God at any time, then it is necessary for that girl to come for the worship of Goddess Jaleri Mataji after the birth of her first child. There is also one very old temple of Shivji, which is called Navtirth, and another old temple dedicated to Devi Choudra Mataji. The village is named after the Goddess Vara Mataji. There is a very old Jain temple of Lord Adinath. This was built by the Jain community before 1750-1800 AD. Currently, no Jain resides in the village. There is only one school in the village up to 8 standard and after 8 students go to nearby village which is 3 km from Velar.

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  1. arvel, laver, ravel

  2. Arvel

  3. Ravel

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