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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

vault•ingˈvɔl tɪŋ(n.)

  1. the act of constructing vaults.

  2. the structure forming a vault.

    Category: Architecture

  3. such structures collectively.

    Category: Architecture

Origin of vaulting:


vault•ingˈvɔl tɪŋ(adj.)

  1. leaping up or over.

  2. used in vaulting.

  3. overweening:

    vaulting ambition.

Origin of vaulting:


Princeton's WordNet

  1. vaulting(noun)

    (architecture) a vaulted structure

    "arches and vaulting"

  2. curvet, vaulting(adj)

    a light leap by a horse in which both hind legs leave the ground before the forelegs come down

  3. overreaching, vaulting(adj)

    revealing excessive self-confidence; reaching for the heights

    "vaulting ambition"


  1. vaulting(Noun)

    The practice of constructing vaults, or a particular method of such construction.

  2. vaulting(Noun)

    A vaulted structure; such structures treated as a group.

  3. vaulting(Noun)

    The sport of gymnastics and dance routines performed on horseback, and on the longe line.

  4. vaulting(Adjective)

    Leaning upward or over

  5. vaulting(Adjective)

    Exaggerated or overreaching

  6. vaulting(Adjective)


Webster Dictionary

  1. Vaulting

    of Vault

  2. Vaulting(noun)

    the act of constructing vaults; a vaulted construction

  3. Vaulting(noun)

    act of one who vaults or leaps


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