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  1. Val(ProperNoun)

    Short form of the male given names Valentine and Valerius.

  2. Val(ProperNoun)

    Short form of the female given name Valerie.


  1. Véhicule Automatique Léger

    VAL is a type of automatic rubber-tyred people mover technology, based on an invention by Professor Robert Gabillard. It was designed in the early 1980s by French Matra, for the then new metro system in Lille. The acronym was originally for Villeneuve d'Ascq à Lille, the route of the first line to be projected. It now officially stands for Véhicule Automatique Léger. In contrast to some other driverless metro systems like the Docklands Light Railway or Vancouver's SkyTrain, the VAL design uses platforms that are separated from the rollways by a glass partition, to prevent waiting passengers from straying or falling onto the rollways. Platform screen doors, which are produced by Swiss glass door manufacturer Kaba Gilgen AG, embedded in these partitions open in synchrony with the train doors when a train stops at the platform. The original platform edge doors were manufactured and installed by PLC Peters in Hayes Middlesex and were used on the first line. When VAL was introduced to Taipei, the term medium capacity system was coined to differentiate VAL from heavy rail.

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  1. lav

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a device for catching animals

He set a trap to catch the bear; a mousetrap.

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