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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

u•ti•lize*ˈyut lˌaɪz(v.t.)-lized, -liz•ing.

  1. to put to use; turn to profitable or practical account.

* Syn: See use.

Origin of utilize:

1800–10; < F utiliser, der. of utile useful


Princeton's WordNet

  1. use, utilize, utilise, apply, employ(verb)

    put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose

    "use your head!"; "we only use Spanish at home"; "I can't use this tool"; "Apply a magnetic field here"; "This thinking was applied to many projects"; "How do you utilize this tool?"; "I apply this rule to get good results"; "use the plastic bags to store the food"; "He doesn't know how to use a computer"

  2. utilize(verb)

    convert (from an investment trust to a unit trust)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Utilize(verb)

    to make useful; to turn to profitable account or use; to make use of; as, to utilize the whole power of a machine; to utilize one's opportunities


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