Definitions for urticariaˌɜr tɪˈkɛər i ə

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ur•ti•car•i•aˌɜr tɪˈkɛər i ə(n.)

  1. Category: Pathology

    Ref: hives.

Origin of urticaria:

1765–75; < NL, = L urtīc(a) nettle +-āria, fem. of -ārius -ary

Princeton's WordNet

  1. urtication, urticaria, hives, nettle rash(noun)

    an itchy skin eruption characterized by weals with pale interiors and well-defined red margins; usually the result of an allergic response to insect bites or food or drugs


  1. urticaria(Noun)

    Itchy, swollen, red areas of the skin which can appear quickly in response to an allergen or due to other conditions

Webster Dictionary

  1. Urticaria(noun)

    the nettle rash, a disease characterized by a transient eruption of red pimples and of wheals, accompanied with a burning or stinging sensation and with itching; uredo

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Urticaria

    A vascular reaction of the skin characterized by erythema and wheal formation due to localized increase of vascular permeability. The causative mechanism may be allergy, infection, or stress.


  1. Hives

    Urticaria, commonly referred to as hives, is a kind of skin rash notable for pale red, raised, itchy bumps. Hives may cause a burning or stinging sensation. They are frequently caused by allergic reactions; however, there are many nonallergic causes. Most cases of hives lasting less than six weeks are the result of an allergic trigger. Chronic urticaria is rarely due to an allergy. The majority of chronic hives cases have an unknown cause. In perhaps as many as 30–40% of patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria, it is caused by an autoimmune reaction.


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