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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

urgeɜrdʒ(v.; n.)urged, urg•ing

  1. (v.t.)to push or force along; impel with force or vigor.

  2. to drive with incitement to speed or effort:

    to urge dogs on with shouts.

  3. to press, push, or hasten (the course, activities, etc.):

    to urge one's escape.

  4. to impel or move to some action:

    urged by necessity.

  5. to endeavor to induce or persuade, as by entreaties; exhort:

    to urge a person to greater caution.

  6. to press (something) upon the attention:

    to urge a claim.

  7. to insist on or assert with earnestness:

    to urge the need of haste.

  8. to recommend earnestly:

    to urge a plan of action.

  9. (v.i.)to exert a driving or impelling force; give an impulse to haste or action.

  10. to make entreaties or earnest recommendations.

  11. to press arguments or allegations, as against a person.

  12. (n.)an act of urging; impelling action, influence, or force; impulse.

  13. an involuntary or instinctive impulse:

    the sex urge.

Origin of urge:

1550–60; < L urgēre to press, drive, urge



  1. urger(Noun)

    One who urges.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Urger(noun)

    one who urges


  1. Urger

    Urger, originally named H.J. Dornbos, is a historic canal tugboat located at Waterford in Saratoga County, New York. She was built in 1901 by Johnson Brothers Shipyard and Boiler Works of Ferrysburg, Michigan. She was purchased for service on the New York State Barge Canal system in 1922 and was in regular use until the 1980s. She was altered in several stages through 1949. She is 73 feet 5 inches in length, 14 feet 9 inches in beam and 9 feet in depth. She is registered at 45 gross tons. She has a molded steel frame, deck beams, and riveted plates. In 1991 the Urger was reactivated "to educate school children and adults about the importance of New York’s historic Canal System." As of 2013 the Urger is "the flagship vessel in the New York State Canal Corporation’s fleet." Urger was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2001.

Anagrams of urger

  1. Ruger


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