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  1. Urartian(Noun)

    An inhabitant of Urartu.

  2. Urartian(Adjective)

    Relating to the ancient kingdom of Urartu in the Armenian Highland in eastern Anatolia.

  3. Urartian(ProperNoun)

    The extinct language spoken by the inhabitants of Urartu. Related to Hurrian.


  1. Urartian language

    Urartian, Vannic, and Chaldean are conventional names for the language spoken by the inhabitants of the ancient kingdom of Urartu that was located in the region of Lake Van, with its capital near the site of the modern town of Van, in the Armenian Highland, modern-day Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. It was probably spoken by the majority of the population around Lake Van and in the areas along the upper Zab valley. First attested in the 9th century BCE, Urartian ceased to be written after the fall of the Urartian state in 585 BCE, and presumably it became extinct due to the fall of Urartu. It must have been replaced by an early form of Armenian, perhaps during the period of Achaemenid Persian rule, although it is only in the fifth century CE that the first written examples of Armenian appear.

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