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Definitions for upstreamˈʌpˈstrim

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. upstream(adverb)

    in the direction against a stream's current

  2. upriver, upstream(adverb)

    toward the source or against the current


  1. upstream(Adverb)

    against the current

  2. upstream(Adjective)

    in a direction against the flow of a current or stream; upriver

  3. upstream(Adjective)

    involving exploration and pre-production rather than refining and selling

  4. upstream(Adjective)

    in the direction from the client to the server

  5. upstream(Adjective)

    towards the leading end (5'end) of a DNA molecule

Webster Dictionary

  1. Upstream(adverb)

    toward the higher part of a stream; against the current


  1. Upstream

    In software development, upstream refers to a direction toward the original authors or maintainers of software that is distributed as source code, and is a qualification of either a bug or a patch. For example, a patch sent upstream is offered to the original authors or maintainers of the software. If accepted, the authors or maintainers will include the patch in their software, either immediately or in a future release. If rejected, the person who submitted the patch will have to maintain his or her own distribution of the author's software. Upstream development allows other distributions to benefit from it when they pick up the future release. The term also pertains to bugs – responsibility for a bug is said to lie upstream when it is not caused through the distribution's porting and integration efforts.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Upstream

    up′strēm, adv. towards the upper part of a stream.—v.i. Upstream′, to stream up.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. upstream

    [common] Towards the original author(s) or maintainer(s) of a project. Used in connection with software that is distributed both in its original source form and in derived, adapted versions through a distribution (like the Debian version of Linux or one of the BSD ports) that has component maintainers for each of their parts. When a component maintainer receives a bug report or patch, he may choose to retain the patch as a porting tweak to the distribution's derivative of the project, or to pass it upstream to the project's maintainer. The antonym downstream is rare.


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    The numerical value of upstream in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

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