Definitions for upsideˈʌpˌsaɪd for 1,3 ; ˈʌpˈsaɪd for 6

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

up•sideˈʌpˌsaɪd for 1,3 ; ˈʌpˈsaɪd for 6(n.)

  1. the upper side or part.

  2. an upward trend.

    Category: Stock Exchange, Business

  3. a positive result.

  4. an encouraging or positive aspect.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  5. (prep.)on or against the side of:

    Give him a smack upside the head.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

Princeton's WordNet

  1. top, top side, upper side, upside(noun)

    the highest or uppermost side of anything

    "put your books on top of the desk"; "only the top side of the box was painted"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. upside(noun)ˈʌpˌsaɪd for 1,3; ˈʌpˈsaɪd for 6

    ≠ downside

    The upside to not having a car is not having to pay for gas.


  1. upside(Noun)

    the highest or uppermost side or portion of something

  2. upside(Noun)

    a favourable aspect of something that also has an unfavourable aspect

  3. upside(Noun)

    an upward tendency, especially in a financial market etc

  4. upside(Preposition)

    On the top of.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Upside(noun)

    the upper side; the part that is uppermost


  1. Upside

    Upside was a San Francisco-based business and technology magazine for venture capitalists. It was published from 1989 to 2002. It had a circulation above 300,000.

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