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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

up•rootʌpˈrut, -ˈrʊt(v.t.)

  1. to pull out by or as if by the roots.

  2. to destroy or eradicate as if by pulling out roots.

  3. to displace or remove violently, as from a home, country, customs, or way of life.

  4. (v.i.)to become uprooted.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. uproot, deracinate(verb)

    move (people) forcibly from their homeland into a new and foreign environment

    "The war uprooted many people"

  2. uproot, eradicate, extirpate, root out, exterminate(verb)

    destroy completely, as if down to the roots

    "the vestiges of political democracy were soon uprooted" "root out corruption"

  3. uproot, extirpate, deracinate, root out(verb)

    pull up by or as if by the roots

    "uproot the vine that has spread all over the garden"


  1. uproot(Verb)

    To root up; to tear up by the roots, or as if by the roots; to extirpate.

  2. uproot(Verb)

    To remove utterly; to eradicate.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Uproot(verb)

    to root up; to tear up by the roots, or as if by the roots; to remove utterly; to eradicate; to extirpate


  1. Uproot

    Uproot is a 2008 mix produced by DJ /rupture. A related compilation album Uproot: The Ingredients was co-released, which features the original recordings used in the mix.

Anagrams of uproot

  1. root up

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to pull (a plant etc) out of the earth with the roots

I uprooted the weeds and burnt them.

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