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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

up•hillˈʌpˈhɪl; ˈʌpˌhɪl(adv., adj.; n.; adv.)

  1. up or as if up the slope of a hill or other incline; upward:

    The soldiers marched uphill.

  2. (adj.)going or tending upward on or as if on a hill:

    an uphill road.

  3. at a high place or point:

    an uphill village.

  4. laboriously fatiguing or difficult:

    an uphill struggle.

  5. (n.)a rising terrain; ascent.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. uphill(adj)

    the upward slope of a hill

  2. acclivitous, rising, uphill(adverb)

    sloping upward

  3. uphill(adverb)

    against difficulties

    "she was talking uphill"

  4. uphill(adverb)

    upward on a hill or incline

    "this street lay uphill"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. uphill(adjective)ˈʌpˈhɪl; n. ˈʌpˌhɪl

    at an upward angle

    the uphill climb

  2. uphillˈʌpˈhɪl; n. ˈʌpˌhɪl

    a difficult problem that will not be solved without a lot of effort

    Airlines face an uphill battle to keep prices down.

  3. uphill(adverb)ˈʌpˈhɪl; n. ˈʌpˌhɪl

    ≠ downhill

    It was hard riding uphill.


  1. uphill(Noun)

    An uphill route.

  2. uphill(Adverb)

    up a slope, towards higher ground

  3. uphill(Adverb)

    with difficulty

  4. uphill(Adjective)

    located up a slope or on a hill

  5. uphill(Adjective)

    going up a slope or a hill

  6. uphill(Adjective)

    difficult or laborious

Webster Dictionary

  1. Uphill(adverb)

    upwards on, or as on, a hillside; as, to walk uphill

  2. Uphill(adj)

    ascending; going up; as, an uphill road

  3. Uphill(adj)

    attended with labor; difficult; as, uphill work


  1. Uphill

    Uphill is a village in the civil parish of Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset, England, at the southern edge of the town, on the Bristol Channel coast.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


sloping upwards; ascending

an uphill road.

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