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Princeton's WordNet

  1. unsaturated(adj)

    not saturated; capable of dissolving more of a substance at a given temperature

    "an unsaturated salt solution"

  2. unsaturated(adj)

    used of a compound (especially of carbon) containing atoms sharing more than one valence bond

    "unsaturated fats"

  3. unsaturated(adj)

    (of color) not chromatically pure; diluted

    "an unsaturated red"


  1. unsaturated(Adjective)

    Not saturated; capable of dissolving more of a solute at the same temperature.

  2. unsaturated(Adjective)

    Of a compound containing atoms sharing more than one valence bond, especially of an organic compound having one or more double bonds or triple bonds between carbon atoms.

  3. unsaturated(Adjective)

    Not chromatically pure; diluted.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Unsaturated(adj)

    capable of absorbing or dissolving to a greater degree; as, an unsaturated solution

  2. Unsaturated(adj)

    capable of taking up, or of uniting with, certain other elements or compounds, without the elimination of any side product; thus, aldehyde, ethylene, and ammonia are unsaturated


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