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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

un•lead•edʌnˈlɛd ɪd(adj.)

  1. (of gasoline) containing no tetraethyllead.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Chemistry

  2. not separated or spaced with leads, as lines of type.

    Category: Printing

  3. (n.)an unleaded product.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Chemistry

Origin of unleaded:


Princeton's WordNet

  1. unleaded, leadless(adj)

    not treated with lead

    "unleaded gasoline"

  2. unleaded(adj)

    not having leads between the lines

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. unleaded(adjective)ʌnˈlɛd ɪd

    (of gas) not containing lead

    unleaded fuel


  1. unleaded(Adjective)

    Without lead.

  2. unleaded(Adjective)

    Containing no more than 0.05 grams of lead per gallon.

  3. Origin: . The standard of identity comes from 40 CFR §79.32.


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