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  1. uniped(Noun)

    A person or creature with only one foot or leg

Webster Dictionary

  1. Uniped(adj)

    having only one foot


  1. Unipedalism

    The term uniped refers to a person or creature with only one foot and one leg, as contrasted with a biped and a quadruped. Moving using only one leg is known as unipedal movement. Many bivalvia and nearly all gastropoda molluscs have evolved only one foot. Through accidents or birth abnormalities it is also possible for an animal or a human being to end up with only a single leg. A contender for unipedal movement is the springtail, which has six legs and is typically hexapedal. However it hurls itself away from danger using its furcula, a tail-like forked rod that can be rapidly unfurled from the underside of its body. The furcula is not a leg, nor is it derived from a leg, but it is a locomotory appendage.


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