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  1. Jesse Lair:

    Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.

  2. Alex Goot:

    Even before the scandals and indictments unfolded, I wondered, who is the audience for this story? Even dedicated fans aren't going to care about FIFA in the boardroom.

  3. The Royal Society of Medicine:

    The primary reason for this is likely to have been their proximity to danger, the Westgate attack, whilst highly lethal, given the 67 fatalities, largely unfolded behind barriers erected by the police and army.

  4. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning:

    Our family has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with the great city of Chattanooga, and it has a very special place in our hearts, but on July 16th, 2015, this strong, welcoming community was forever changed by the tragedy that unfolded.

  5. Sharlto Copley:

    That’s always the hope isn’t it? Season 2. We unfolded a story that’s really going somewhere, there is somewhere we’re going and at the end of it we all felt we were in a good place to do an amazing second season, and I hope we get the opportunity.

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