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ul•tra•fil•terˌʌl trəˈfɪl tər(n.)

  1. a filter for purifying sols, having a membrane with pores sufficiently small to prevent the passage of the suspended particles.

    Category: Chemistry

  2. (v.t.)to purify by means of an ultrafilter.

    Category: Chemistry

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ul`tra•fil•tra′tion-ˈtreɪ ʃən(n.)


  1. ultrafilter(Noun)

    A filter that is maximal as a set with respect to the definition of .


  1. Ultrafilter

    In the mathematical field of set theory, an ultrafilter on a set X is a collection of subsets of X that is a filter, that cannot be enlarged. An ultrafilter may be considered as a finitely additive measure. Then every subset of X is either considered "almost everything" or "almost nothing". If A is a subset of X, then either A or X \ A is an element of the ultrafilter. The concept can be generalized to Boolean algebras or even to general partial orders, and has many applications in set theory, model theory, and topology.


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