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  1. Ultimobranchial Body

    A diverticulum from the fourth pharyngeal pouch of an embryo, regarded by some as a rudimentary fifth pharyngeal pouch and by others as a lateral thyroid primordium. The ultimobranchial bodies of lower vertebrates contain large amounts of calcitonin. In mammals the bodies fuse with the thyroid gland and are thought to develop into the parafollicular cells. (Stedman, 25th ed)


  1. Ultimopharyngeal body

    The ultimopharyngeal body or ultimobranchial body or ultimobranchial gland is a small organ found in the neck region of many animals. In humans, the ultimobranchial body is an embryological structure that gives rise to the calcitonin-producing cells—also called parafollicular cells or C cells—of the thyroid gland. In humans, this body is a derivative of the ventral recess of the fourth pharyngeal pouch, technically fifth, but that one is rudimentary and merges with the fourth.


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