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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

type*taɪp(n.; v.)typed, typ•ing.

  1. (n.)a class, group, or category of things or persons sharing one or more characteristics:

    people of a criminal type; a car of the luxury type.

  2. a thing or person regarded as a member of a class or category; kind; sort (usu. fol. by of):

    This is a type of mushroom.

  3. a thing or person that represents perfectly or in the best way a class or category; model.

  4. a person regarded as typifying a certain line of work, behavior, environment, etc.:

    a civil service type.

    Category: Informal

  5. a wood or metal block with a raised character on its surface that, when fixed into a press and coated with ink, prints an impression of the character on paper or a similar absorbent surface. such blocks collectively. a printed character or printed characters:

    a headline in large type.

    Category: Printing

    Ref: face (defs. 19b, c). 19 2 19 3

  6. Biol. a genus or species that most nearly exemplifies the essential characteristics of a higher group. the one or more specimens on which the description and naming of a species is based.

    Category: Biology

  7. the inherited features of an animal or breed that are favorable for any given purpose: a strain, breed, or variety of animal, or a single animal, belonging to a specific kind.

    dairy type.

    Category: Agriculture

  8. the general form of a word, symbol, or expression, in contrast to its particular occurrences.

    Category: Language/Linguistics, Philosphy

    Ref: Compare token (def. 7). 8

  9. the pattern or model from which something is made.

  10. an image or figure produced by impressing or stamping.

  11. a distinctive or characteristic mark or sign.

  12. a symbol of something in the future, as an Old Testament event prefiguring a New Testament event.

    Category: Bible

  13. (v.t.)to write on a typewriter, computer keyboard, or the like.

    Category: Printing

  14. to reproduce in type or in print.

    Category: Printing

  15. to ascertain the type of (a blood or tissue sample).

    Category: Medicine

  16. to typecast.

  17. to typify or symbolize; represent.

  18. to represent prophetically; foreshadow; prefigure.

  19. (v.i.)to write using a typewriter, computer keyboard, or the like.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

* Usage: When preceded by a modifier, type meaning “kind, sort” is sometimes used without a following of: This type furnace uses very little current. We have a magnetic-type holder for the rack. Frequently criticized by usage guides, this construction occurs rarely in general writing. The problem can usu. be remedied by inserting of (this type of furnace) or by dropping type altogether (a magnetic holder).

Origin of type:

1425–75; late ME: symbol, figure (< MF) < L typus bas-relief, ground plan < Gk týpos blow, impression


  1. a combining form representing type (prototype), esp. in names of printing processes:

    ferrotype; monotype.

    Category: Affix

Origin of -type:

< Gk -typos or -typon, adj. ders. of týpos blow, impression, carved figure, form, type

Princeton's WordNet

  1. type(noun)

    a subdivision of a particular kind of thing

    "what type of sculpture do you prefer?"

  2. character, eccentric, type, case(noun)

    a person of a specified kind (usually with many eccentricities)

    "a real character"; "a strange character"; "a friendly eccentric"; "the capable type"; "a mental case"

  3. type(noun)

    (biology) the taxonomic group whose characteristics are used to define the next higher taxon

  4. type(noun)

    printed characters

    "small type is hard to read"

  5. type(noun)

    all of the tokens of the same symbol

    "the word `element' contains five different types of character"

  6. type(verb)

    a small metal block bearing a raised character on one end; produces a printed character when inked and pressed on paper

    "he dropped a case of type, so they made him pick them up"

  7. type, typewrite(verb)

    write by means of a keyboard with types

    "type the acceptance letter, please"

  8. type, typecast(verb)

    identify as belonging to a certain type

    "Such people can practically be typed"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. type(noun)ɪp

    a group of things or people of the same kind

    a type of water bird; a type of nerve damage; the three main types of volcanoes; We have this type of trouble all the time.

  2. typeɪp

    a person with particular qualities or characteristics

    She's the quiet type.; He's the type to argue with whatever you say.

  3. typeɪp

    not the type of person sb usually finds attractive

    Tall blondes aren't my type.

  4. typeɪp

    printed letters

    words printed in very large type

  5. type(verb)ɪp

    to write sth using a computer keyboard or similar device

    He can type without looking.; I typed a few more words.


  1. type(Noun)

    A grouping based on shared characteristics; a class.

    This type of plane can handle rough weather more easily than that type of plane.

  2. type(Noun)

    An individual considered typical of its class.

    We can't get along: he's just not my type.

  3. type(Noun)

    An individual that represents the ideal for its class; an embodiment.

  4. type(Noun)

    A letter or character used for printing, historically a cast or engraved block.

  5. type(Noun)

    An individual considered representative of members of its taxonomic group.

    the type of a genus, family, etc.

  6. type(Noun)

    A blood group.

  7. type(Noun)

    An event or person that prefigures or foreshadows a later event - commonly an Old Testament event linked to Christian times.

  8. type(Noun)

    A tag attached to variables and values used in determining which kinds of value can be used in which situations; a data type.

  9. type(Verb)

    To put text on paper using a typewriter.

  10. type(Verb)

    To enter text or commands into a computer using a keyboard.

  11. type(Verb)

    To determine the blood type.

    The doctor ordered the lab to type the patient for a blood transfusion.

  12. Origin: From typus, from τύπος, from τύπτω.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Type(noun)

    the mark or impression of something; stamp; impressed sign; emblem

  2. Type(noun)

    form or character impressed; style; semblance

  3. Type(noun)

    a figure or representation of something to come; a token; a sign; a symbol; -- correlative to antitype

  4. Type(noun)

    that which possesses or exemplifies characteristic qualities; the representative

  5. Type(noun)

    a general form or structure common to a number of individuals; hence, the ideal representation of a species, genus, or other group, combining the essential characteristics; an animal or plant possessing or exemplifying the essential characteristics of a species, genus, or other group. Also, a group or division of animals having a certain typical or characteristic structure of body maintained within the group

  6. Type(noun)

    the original object, or class of objects, scene, face, or conception, which becomes the subject of a copy; esp., the design on the face of a medal or a coin

  7. Type(noun)

    a simple compound, used as a mode or pattern to which other compounds are conveniently regarded as being related, and from which they may be actually or theoretically derived

  8. Type(noun)

    a raised letter, figure, accent, or other character, cast in metal or cut in wood, used in printing

  9. Type(noun)

    such letters or characters, in general, or the whole quantity of them used in printing, spoken of collectively; any number or mass of such letters or characters, however disposed

  10. Type(verb)

    to represent by a type, model, or symbol beforehand; to prefigure

  11. Type(verb)

    to furnish an expression or copy of; to represent; to typify

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'type' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #560

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'type' in Written Corpus Frequency: #704

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'type' in Nouns Frequency: #111

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'type' in Verbs Frequency: #1066

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  1. pyet

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(a particular variety of) metal blocks with letters, numbers etc used in printing

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