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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tri•fleˈtraɪ fəl(n.; v.)-fled, -fling.

  1. (n.)something of very little value, importance, or consequence.

  2. a small, inconsiderable, or trifling amount of anything.

  3. a dessert of cake soaked in liqueur, then combined with custard, fruit, jam, etc., and topped with whipped cream.

    Category: Cooking

  4. (v.i.)to deal lightly or without due seriousness or respect.

  5. to play or toy by handling or fingering (usu. fol. by with):

    He sat trifling with a pen.

  6. to act or talk idly or frivolously.

  7. to waste time; idle.

  8. (v.t.)to pass or spend (time) idly or frivolously (usu. fol. by away); fritter.

Origin of trifle:

1175–1225; ME tru(f)fle idle talk, deceit < OF, var. of truf(f)e deception


Princeton's WordNet

  1. trifle(noun)

    a cold pudding made of layers of sponge cake spread with fruit or jelly; may be decorated with nuts, cream, or chocolate

  2. technicality, trifle, triviality(noun)

    a detail that is considered insignificant

  3. triviality, trivia, trifle, small beer(verb)

    something of small importance

  4. piddle, wanton, wanton away, piddle away, trifle(verb)

    waste time; spend one's time idly or inefficiently

  5. frivol, trifle(verb)

    act frivolously

  6. dally, trifle, play(verb)

    consider not very seriously

    "He is trifling with her"; "She plays with the thought of moving to Tasmania"


  1. trifle(Noun)

    An English dessert made from a mixture of thick custard, fruit, sponge cake, jelly and whipped cream.

  2. trifle(Noun)

    An insignificant amount.

  3. trifle(Noun)

    Anything that is of little importance or worth.

  4. trifle(Noun)

    A particular kind of pewter.

  5. trifle(Noun)

    utensils made from this particular kind of pewter.

  6. trifle(Verb)

    To deal with something as if it were of little importance or worth.

  7. trifle(Verb)

    To act, speak, or otherwise behave with jest.

  8. trifle(Verb)

    To inconsequentially toy with something.

  9. trifle(Verb)

    To squander or waste.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Trifle(noun)

    a thing of very little value or importance; a paltry, or trivial, affair

  2. Trifle(noun)

    a dish composed of sweetmeats, fruits, cake, wine, etc., with syllabub poured over it

  3. Trifle(noun)

    to act or talk without seriousness, gravity, weight, or dignity; to act or talk with levity; to indulge in light or trivial amusements

  4. Trifle(verb)

    to make of no importance; to treat as a trifle

  5. Trifle(verb)

    to spend in vanity; to fritter away; to waste; as, to trifle away money


  1. Trifle

    Trifle is a dessert dish made from thick custard, fruit, sponge cake, fruit juice or jelly, and whipped cream. These ingredients are usually arranged in layers.

Anagrams of trifle

  1. lifter

  2. filter

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


anything of very little value

$100 is a trifle when one is very rich.

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