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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tra•vailtrəˈveɪl, ˈtræv eɪl(n.)

  1. painfully difficult or burdensome work; toil.

  2. pain, anguish, or suffering resulting from mental or physical hardship.

  3. the pain of childbirth; labor.

  4. (v.i.)to toil or exert oneself.

  5. to suffer the pangs of childbirth; be in labor.

Origin of travail:

1200–50; ME travaillen (v.) < OF travaillier to torment < VL *trepaliāre, der. of LL trepālium torture chamber, lit., instrument of torture made with three stakes (see tri -, pale2)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. parturiency, labor, labour, confinement, lying-in, travail, childbed(noun)

    concluding state of pregnancy; from the onset of contractions to the birth of a child

    "she was in labor for six hours"

  2. effort, elbow grease, exertion, travail, sweat(verb)

    use of physical or mental energy; hard work

    "he got an A for effort"; "they managed only with great exertion"

  3. labor, labour, toil, fag, travail, grind, drudge, dig, moil(verb)

    work hard

    "She was digging away at her math homework"; "Lexicographers drudge all day long"


  1. travail(Noun)

    Arduous or painful exertion; excessive labor, suffering, hardship.

  2. travail(Noun)

    Specifically, the labor of childbirth.

  3. travail(Noun)

    An act of working; labor , labour .

  4. travail(Noun)

    The eclipse of a celestial object.

  5. travail(Verb)

    To toil.

  6. travail(Verb)

    To go through the labor of childbirth.

  7. Origin: From travail.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Travail(noun)

    labor with pain; severe toil or exertion

  2. Travail(noun)

    parturition; labor; as, an easy travail

  3. Travail(noun)

    to labor with pain; to toil

  4. Travail(noun)

    to suffer the pangs of childbirth; to be in labor

  5. Travail(verb)

    to harass; to tire


  1. Travail

    Travail was a Christian nu metal / rapcore band based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. Fronted by Matt Leslie, it had an intense following at Club 412, a local church-sponsored lounge and music venue located in southwest Fort Worth. Stylistic comparisons were often drawn between their sound and that of secular rock acts popular at the time such as Korn. The band was signed on Pluto Records and then were picked up by national label Metro One. After releasing their second album, Beautiful Loneliness, on the Metro One label, Travail received a nomination for the 2001 Dove Awards in the Hard Music Recorded Song category. Before touring much under the new label, however, Travail broke up. Their most requested song, "Judge Me" is still a very popular song and the video for "Return" is still a popular video among those who enjoy the rapcore/nu metal genre. Guitarist Aaron Wiese later joined the band Spoken, but left in 2008. Members Matt Leslie, Brian Hoover, Daniel McKay, and Duane Smith have started a new band with Travis Knight as their second guitarist. The new band is called "Southern Train Gypsy".

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effort made in order to achieve or make something

He has done a lot of work on this project

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