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  1. Janelle Pflager:

    Sometimes if I’m in a state of mind where I feel traumatized or confused, if someone suggests something to me I may just agree – to just be agreeable.

  2. New South Wales:

    We're clearly speaking to those victims and we're clearly speaking to other witnesses. But this is going to take a bit of time to piece this together because a lot of those people are quite traumatized.

  3. Mickey Mehta:

    Deal with the demons of your past when they haunt you, don't shy away, instead show them the way. Once and for all look straight in their faces right into their eyes with a will and determination to resolve, breathe them out, and before you, let them dissolve. Don't let your past get you traumatized, deal it with self conviction, liberate yourself and get MickeyMized.

  4. Father Daniel Alkhory:

    The children are very traumatized. They've lost their hopes and dreams and we try to help them understand that life keeps going, but a child is like a flower, we can shape them. We have to take care of them now ; otherwise the next generation of ISIS could come from these children. Through all their sadness and depression, they wanted revenge. I knew I needed to build a new environment for them.

  5. Cathy Zimmerman:

    If you could find something that would work with a population that's as traumatized as this and as diverse as this . . . you could really roll that out to the millions of people who are being trafficked right now, It's not just about prosecuting the perpetrators. In the end I think if you gave somebody the choice between regaining their mental health versus prosecuting their perpetrator, I think you know which one they'd choose.

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