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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

trans•mittrænsˈmɪt, trænz-(v.)-mit•ted, -mit•ting.

  1. (v.t.)to send or forward, as to a recipient or destination.

  2. to communicate, as information.

    Category: Telegraphy and Telephony

  3. to pass or spread (disease, infection, etc.) to another.

    Category: Pathology

  4. to pass on (a genetic characteristic) from parent to offspring.

    Category: Genetics

  5. to cause (light, heat, sound, etc.) to pass through a medium. to permit (light, heat, etc.) to pass through: to convey or pass along (an impulse, force, motion, etc.).

    Glass transmits light.

    Category: Physics

  6. Radio and Television. to emit (electromagnetic waves).

    Category: Radio and Television

  7. (v.i.)to send a signal by radio waves or by wire.

    Category: Telegraphy and Telephony, Radio and Television

Origin of transmit:

1350–1400; < L trānsmittere to send across =trāns-trans - +mittere to send


Princeton's WordNet

  1. convey, transmit, communicate(verb)

    transfer to another

    "communicate a disease"

  2. impart, conduct, transmit, convey, carry, channel(verb)

    transmit or serve as the medium for transmission

    "Sound carries well over water"; "The airwaves carry the sound"; "Many metals conduct heat"

  3. air, send, broadcast, beam, transmit(verb)

    broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television

    "We cannot air this X-rated song"

  4. transmit, transfer, transport, channel, channelize, channelise(verb)

    send from one person or place to another

    "transmit a message"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. transmit(verb)ænsˈmɪt, trænz-

    to send out or broadcast a signal

    a satellite transmitting data to earth; The radio tower was not transmitting.

  2. transmitænsˈmɪt, trænz-

    to communicate sth

    parents transmitting ideas to their children

  3. transmitænsˈmɪt, trænz-

    to infect sb with a disease or illness

    a disease that is transmitted through insect bites


  1. transmit(Verb)

    To send or convey something from one person, place or thing to another.

  2. transmit(Verb)

    To spread or pass on something such as a disease or a signal.

  3. transmit(Verb)

    To impart, convey or hand down something by inheritance or heredity.

  4. transmit(Verb)

    To communicate news or information.

  5. transmit(Verb)

    To convey energy or force through a mechanism.

  6. transmit(Verb)

    To send out a signal (as opposed to receive).

  7. Origin: From transmitten, from transmitto. See also oversend.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Transmit(verb)

    to cause to pass over or through; to communicate by sending; to send from one person or place to another; to pass on or down as by inheritance; as, to transmit a memorial; to transmit dispatches; to transmit money, or bills of exchange, from one country to another

  2. Transmit(verb)

    to suffer to pass through; as, glass transmits light; metals transmit, or conduct, electricity


  1. Transmit

    Transmit is an FTP client for Mac OS X and Mac OS Classic. Developed by Panic, Transmit is shareware – after a seven-day trial period, the product can only be used for seven-minute sessions until it has been purchased. Transmit 4 includes a number of features, many of which take advantage of technologies Apple has introduced in OS X 10.4, such as uploading using a Dashboard widget or the dock, support for .Mac and iDisk/WebDAV, FTP/WebDAV/S3 servers as disks in Finder, Spotlight, Droplets, Amazon S3 support and Automator plugins. The app was called "Transit" at introduction, but had to be changed due to a conflict with an existing product. Transmit was also made for Mac OS Classic, but it has been discontinued and made freeware.

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'transmit' in Verbs Frequency: #909

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to pass on

He transmitted the message; Insects can transmit disease.

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