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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. any of various stonelike objects, usu. fossilized animal parts, formerly supposed to have been formed in the body of a toad, worn esp. as amulets to protect against poison.

    Category: Jewelry


  1. toadstone(Noun)

    A small stone, once believed to be a jewel embedded in the head of a toad, worn as a amulet

Webster Dictionary

  1. Toadstone(noun)

    a local name for the igneous rocks of Derbyshire, England; -- said by some to be derived from the German todter stein, meaning dead stone, that is, stone which contains no ores

  2. Toadstone(noun)

    bufonite, formerly regarded as a precious stone, and worn as a jewel. See Bufonite


  1. Toadstone

    The toadstone, also known as bufonite, is a mythical stone or gem thought to be found in, or produced by, a toad, and is supposed to be an antidote to poison. Artifacts called "toadstones" were actually the fossilized teeth of Lepidotes, an extinct genus of ray-finned fish from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, as they appeared to be "stones that are perfect in form".


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