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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ti•radeˈtaɪ reɪd, taɪˈreɪd(n.)

  1. a prolonged outburst of bitter denunciation.

  2. a long, vehement speech.

  3. a passage dealing with a single theme, as in poetry:

    the stately tirades of Corneille.

Origin of tirade:

1795–1805; < F: lit., a stretch, (continuous) pulling < It tirata, n. use of fem. of tirato, ptp. of tirare to draw, pull < VL *tīrāre, of obscure orig.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. tirade, philippic, broadside(noun)

    a speech of violent denunciation


  1. tirade(Noun)

    A long, angry or violent speech; a diatribe

  2. tirade(Noun)

    A section of verse concerning a single theme; a laisse

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tirade(noun)

    a declamatory strain or flight of censure or abuse; a rambling invective; an oration or harangue abounding in censorious and bitter language

Anagrams of tirade

  1. tradie

  2. airted

Translations for tirade

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a long report, letter etc

He wrote screeds about the conference.

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