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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tin•derˈtɪn dər(n.)

  1. a highly flammable material formerly used for starting a fire by catching the spark from a flint and steel struck together.

  2. any dry, easily ignitable substance.

Origin of tinder:

bef. 900; ME; OE tynder; akin to OHG zuntara, ON tundr tinder, OHG zunten to kindle, Go tundnan to burn


Princeton's WordNet

  1. kindling, tinder, touchwood, spunk, punk(noun)

    material for starting a fire


  1. tinder(Noun)

    small dry sticks and finely-divided fibrous matter etc., used to help light a fire.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tinder(noun)

    something very inflammable, used for kindling fire from a spark, as scorched linen


  1. Tinder

    Tinder is easily combustible material used to ignite fires by rudimentary methods. A small fire consisting of tinder is then used to ignite kindling. Anything that can be ignited by a match can be considered tinder; or by more rigorous definition, anything that begins to glow under a shower of sparks. The more restrictive definition is important in the study of survival skills, which redefines kindling as material requiring a match to ignite it. Materials commonly used as tinder: ⁕Dry pine needles, leaves or grass ⁕Birch bark ⁕Dead, standing goldenrod ⁕Cloth, lint, or frayed rope ⁕Char cloth ⁕Cotton swabs, tampons ⁕Paper, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. ⁕Dry bread or knäckebröd and shoe polish ⁕Punk wood or charred wood ⁕Some types of fungus ⁕Bird down ⁕Small twigs ⁕Fatwood, also known as rich pine or pine knot. ⁕Fine-grade soap-coated steel wool ⁕Shaved magnesium or other alkaline earth metals Whichever material is used, the thinner it is and the more surface there is, and especially edges, the more easily it will ignite. With wood, this can be achieved by shaving slivers off it. One method to keep these together is to make a feather stick. The best wood from a tree is dead branches that have not fallen to the ground yet.


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