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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

time′ sig`nature(n.)

  1. a fractional designation given after the key signature in music, the denominator giving the basic note value for the beat and the numerator the number of such notes to the measure.

    Category: Music and Dance

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. time signature, musical time signature(noun)

    a musical notation indicating the number of beats to a measure and kind of note that takes a beat


  1. time signature(Noun)

    A numerical sign placed on a stave to indicate the meter; the numerator is the number of beats per bar, the denominator represents the value of each beat


  1. Time signature

    The time signature is a notational convention used in Western musical notation to specify how many beats are in each bar and which note value constitutes one beat. In a musical score, the time signature appears at the beginning of the piece, as a time symbol or stacked numerals, such as or 3 4, immediately following the key signature or immediately following the clef symbol if the key signature is empty. A mid-score time signature, usually immediately following a barline, indicates a change of meter. There are various types of time signatures, depending on whether the music follows simple rhythms or involves unusual shifting tempos, including: simple, compound, complex, mixed, additive, fractional, irrational meters, or other meters.


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