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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tick•lishˈtɪk lɪʃ(adj.)

  1. sensitive to tickling.

  2. requiring delicate or tactful handling:

    a ticklish situation.

  3. hypersensitive.

  4. easily upset, as a boat.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. delicate, ticklish, touchy(adj)

    difficult to handle; requiring great tact

    "delicate negotiations with the big powers";"hesitates to be explicit on so ticklish a matter"; "a touchy subject"


  1. ticklish(Adjective)

    Sensitive or susceptible to being tickled.

    She is ticklish only on her tummy and the bottoms of her feet.

  2. ticklish(Adjective)

    Touchy, sensitive, or delicate.

    That is a ticklish problem, so proceed carefully.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ticklish(adj)

    sensible to slight touches; easily tickled; as, the sole of the foot is very ticklish; the hardened palm of the hand is not ticklish

  2. Ticklish(adj)

    standing so as to be liable to totter and fall at the slightest touch; unfixed; easily affected; unstable

  3. Ticklish(adj)

    difficult; nice; critical; as, a ticklish business

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easily made to laugh when tickled

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