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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

throt•tleˈθrɒt l(n.; v.)-tled, -tling.

  1. (n.)the valve in an internal-combustion engine that regulates the amount of fuel entering the cylinders. the lever that controls this valve.

    Category: Machinery, Automotive

  2. the throat, gullet, or windpipe, as of a horse.

  3. (v.t.)to stop the breath of by compressing the throat; strangle.

  4. to choke or suffocate in any way.

  5. to silence or check as if by choking.

  6. to obstruct or check the flow of (a fluid), as to control the speed of an engine. to reduce the pressure of (a fluid) by passing it from a smaller area to a larger one.

    Category: Machinery

Idioms for throttle:

  1. at full throttle,at maximum speed or effort.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of throttle:

1350–1400; (v.) ME throtelen, freq. of throten to cut the throat of, strangle


Princeton's WordNet

  1. accelerator, throttle, throttle valve(noun)

    a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine

  2. accelerator, accelerator pedal, gas pedal, gas, throttle, gun(verb)

    a pedal that controls the throttle valve

    "he stepped on the gas"

  3. restrict, restrain, trammel, limit, bound, confine, throttle(verb)

    place limits on (extent or access)

    "restrict the use of this parking lot"; "limit the time you can spend with your friends"

  4. strangle, strangulate, throttle(verb)

    kill by squeezing the throat of so as to cut off the air

    "he tried to strangle his opponent"; "A man in Boston has been strangling several dozen prostitutes"

  5. choke, throttle(verb)

    reduce the air supply

    "choke a carburetor"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Throttle(noun)

    the windpipe, or trachea; the weasand

  2. Throttle(noun)

    the throttle valve

  3. Throttle(verb)

    to compress the throat of; to choke; to strangle

  4. Throttle(verb)

    to utter with breaks and interruption, in the manner of a person half suffocated

  5. Throttle(verb)

    to shut off, or reduce flow of, as steam to an engine

  6. Throttle(verb)

    to have the throat obstructed so as to be in danger of suffocation; to choke; to suffocate

  7. Throttle(verb)

    to breathe hard, as when nearly suffocated


  1. Throttle

    A throttle is the mechanism by which the flow of a fluid is managed by constriction or obstruction. An engine's power can be increased or decreased by the restriction of inlet gases, but usually decreased. The term throttle has come to refer, informally and incorrectly, to any mechanism by which the power or speed of an engine is regulated. What is often termed a throttle is more correctly called a thrust lever. For a steam engine, the steam valve that sets the engine speed/power is often known as a regulator.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(in engines, the lever attached to) the valve controlling the flow of steam, petrol etc

The car went faster as he opened the throttle.

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