Definitions for theologianˌθi əˈloʊ dʒən, -dʒi ən

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

the•o•lo•gianˌθi əˈloʊ dʒən, -dʒi ən(n.)

  1. a person versed in theology.

    Category: Religion

Origin of theologian:

1475–85; < MF theologien

Princeton's WordNet

  1. theologian, theologist, theologizer, theologiser(noun)

    someone who is learned in theology or who speculates about theology


  1. theologian(Noun)

    One who studies theology.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Theologian(noun)

    a person well versed in theology; a professor of theology or divinity; a divine


  1. Theologian

    Theologians use various forms of analysis and argument (philosophical, ethnographic, historical, spiritual and others) to help understand, explain, test, critique, defend or promote any of myriad religious topics. Theology might be undertaken to help the theologian * understand more truly his or her own religious tradition, * understand more truly another religious tradition, * make comparisons between religious traditions, * defend or justify a religious tradition, * facilitate reform of a particular tradition, * assist in the propagation of a religious tradition, or * draw on the resources of a tradition to address some present situation or need. * explore the nature of divinity without reference to tradition. Overzee (1992: p. 4) in passing provides a salient gloss upon the view of Ricœur (1913–2005) as to the role of 'theologian': "Paul Ricœur speaks of the theologian as a hermeneut, whose task is to interpret the multivalent, rich metaphors arising from the symbolic bases of tradition so that the symbols may 'speak' once again to our existential situation."

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a person who studies, or is an expert in, theology.

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