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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tensetɛns(adj.)tens•er, tens•est

  1. (adj.)stretched tight, as a cord, fiber, etc.; drawn taut; rigid.

  2. in a state of mental or nervous strain; high-strung:

    a tense person.

  3. characterized by a strain upon the nerves or feelings:

    a tense moment.

  4. (of a speech sound) pronounced with the muscles of the speech organs relatively tense, as the vowel (ē) in seat.

    Category: Phonetics

    Ref: Compare lax (def. 7). 7

  5. (v.i.)to make or become tense.

Origin of tense:

1660–70; < L tēnsus, ptp. of tendere to stretch; cf. tend1



  1. a category of verbs or verbal inflection serving chiefly to specify the time of the action or state expressed by the verb.

    Category: Grammar

  2. a set of such categories or constructions in a particular language.

    Category: Grammar

  3. the time, as past, present, or future, expressed by such a category.

    Category: Grammar

Origin of tense:

1275–1325; ME tens < MF < L tempus time, tense

Princeton's WordNet

  1. tense(adj)

    a grammatical category of verbs used to express distinctions of time

  2. tense(adj)

    in or of a state of physical or nervous tension

  3. tense(adj)

    pronounced with relatively tense tongue muscles (e.g., the vowel sound in `beat')

  4. tense(verb)

    taut or rigid; stretched tight

    "tense piano strings"

  5. strain, tense(verb)

    become stretched or tense or taut

    "the bodybuilder's neck muscles tensed;" "the rope strained when the weight was attached"

  6. tense(verb)

    increase the tension on

    "alternately relax and tense your calf muscle"; "tense the rope manually before tensing the spring"

  7. tense, tense up(verb)

    become tense, nervous, or uneasy

    "He tensed up when he saw his opponent enter the room"

  8. tense, strain, tense up(verb)

    cause to be tense and uneasy or nervous or anxious

    "he got a phone call from his lawyer that tensed him up"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. tense(adjective)ɛns

    worried or anxious

    I'm feeling a little tense.

  2. tenseɛns

    causing sb to feel worried or anxious

    a tense moment/situation/time

  3. tenseɛns

    (of muscles) tight and often sore

    tense neck muscles

  4. tense(noun)ɛns

    a form of a verb that shows when sth takes place

    the past/future/present tense

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tense(noun)

    one of the forms which a verb takes by inflection or by adding auxiliary words, so as to indicate the time of the action or event signified; the modification which verbs undergo for the indication of time

  2. Tense(adj)

    stretched tightly; strained to stiffness; rigid; not lax; as, a tense fiber

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. tense

    Of programs, very clever and efficient. A tense piece of code often got that way because it was highly tuned, but sometimes it was just based on a great idea. A comment in a clever routine by Mike Kazar, once a grad-student hacker at CMU: “This routine is so tense it will bring tears to your eyes.” A tense programmer is one who produces tense code.

Anagrams of tense

  1. Enets

  2. Sente

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


strained; nervous

The crowd was tense with excitement; a tense situation.

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