Definitions for temperateˈtɛm pər ɪt, ˈtɛm prɪt

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. temperate(adj)

    (of weather or climate) free from extremes; mild; or characteristic of such weather or climate

    "a temperate region"; "the temperate zones"; "temperate plants"

  2. temperate(adj)

    not extreme in behavior

    "temperate in his habits"; "a temperate response to an insult"; "temperate in his eating and drinking"

  3. moderate, temperate(adj)

    not extreme

    "a moderate penalty"; "temperate in his response to criticism"


  1. temperate(Verb)

    To render temperate; to moderate; to soften; to temper.

  2. temperate(Adjective)

    Moderate; not excessive; as, temperate heat; a temperate climate.

  3. temperate(Adjective)

    Moderate in the indulgence of the natural appetites or passions; as, temperate in eating and drinking.

  4. temperate(Adjective)

    Proceeding from temperance.

  5. Origin: temperatus, past participle of tempero. See temper.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Temperate(verb)

    moderate; not excessive; as, temperate heat; a temperate climate

  2. Temperate(verb)

    not marked with passion; not violent; cool; calm; as, temperate language

  3. Temperate(verb)

    moderate in the indulgence of the natural appetites or passions; as, temperate in eating and drinking

  4. Temperate(verb)

    proceeding from temperance

  5. Temperate(verb)

    to render temperate; to moderate; to soften; to temper


  1. Temperate climate

    The temperate climate refers to zones in a range of latitudes between 40 and 60/70. Not as hot as the subtropical climate and milder than the polar climate, it is usually defined but by what it is not.A sub-type is the moderate oceanic climate--windy and without excessive temperatures, which characterize the Western shores of Europe. The four seasons are well marked. It is associated by leafy tree forests and meadows. It alternates relatively fresh summers with mild and wet winters.Another sub-type is the continental moderate climate which dominates the steppes. It is cold and dry in winter while being rather hot and rainy in the summer. There are frequent storms and the transition of seasons are short. The hypercontinental climate has short summers and dry and very cold winters. It extends over Siberia, Alaska and Canada which are covered with coniferous tree forests.

Anagrams of temperate »

  1. petameter

  2. petametre

Translations for temperate

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • temperatCatalan, Valencian
  • kohtuullinen, lauhkea, rauhoittaa, lauhduttaa, hillitty, tyynnyttää, maltillinen, rauhaisa, tyyniFinnish
  • higgadt, mértéktartó, mérsékeltHungarian
  • умерен, одмеренMacedonian
  • умеренный, сдержанный, воздержанныйRussian

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