Definitions for temperateˈtɛm pər ɪt, ˈtɛm prɪt

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. temperate(adj)

    (of weather or climate) free from extremes; mild; or characteristic of such weather or climate

    "a temperate region"; "the temperate zones"; "temperate plants"

  2. temperate(adj)

    not extreme in behavior

    "temperate in his habits"; "a temperate response to an insult"; "temperate in his eating and drinking"

  3. moderate, temperate(adj)

    not extreme

    "a moderate penalty"; "temperate in his response to criticism"


  1. temperate(Verb)

    To render temperate; to moderate; to soften; to temper.

  2. temperate(Adjective)

    Moderate; not excessive; as, temperate heat; a temperate climate.

  3. temperate(Adjective)

    Moderate in the indulgence of the natural appetites or passions; as, temperate in eating and drinking.

  4. temperate(Adjective)

    Proceeding from temperance.

  5. Origin: temperatus, past participle of tempero. See temper.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Temperate(verb)

    moderate; not excessive; as, temperate heat; a temperate climate

  2. Temperate(verb)

    not marked with passion; not violent; cool; calm; as, temperate language

  3. Temperate(verb)

    moderate in the indulgence of the natural appetites or passions; as, temperate in eating and drinking

  4. Temperate(verb)

    proceeding from temperance

  5. Temperate(verb)

    to render temperate; to moderate; to soften; to temper


  1. Temperate climate

    In geography, temperate or tepid latitudes of Earth lie between the tropics and the polar regions. The temperatures in these regions are generally relatively moderate, rather than extremely hot or cold, and the changes between summer and winter are also usually moderate. However, in certain areas, such as Asia and central North America, the variations between summer and winter can be extreme because these areas are far away from the sea, causing them to have a continental climate. In regions traditionally considered tropical, localities at high altitudes may have a temperate climate.

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  1. petameter

  2. petametre

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