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Princeton's WordNet

  1. tawny, tawny-brown(adj)

    of a light brown to brownish orange color; the color of tanned leather


  1. tawny(Noun)

    A light brown to brownish orange colour

  2. tawny(Adjective)

    Of a light brown to brownish orange colour

  3. Origin: From Middle English, from Anglo-Norman tauné, from Old French tané, past participle of taner, from tan 'tanbark, tawny color', from Gaulish tanno 'holm oak' (compare Breton tann, Old Irish caerthann 'rowan'), from Indo-European *dhenh-; akin to German Tann 'woods', Tanne 'fir', Hittite tanau 'fir', Avestan thanwarə (g. thanwanō) 'bow', Sanskrit dhánus (g. dhánvanus) 'bow', Latin femur (g. feminis) 'thigh', possibly Greek thámnos 'thicket'.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tawny(noun)

    of a dull yellowish brown color, like things tanned, or persons who are sunburnt; as, tawny Moor or Spaniard; the tawny lion

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