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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tauttɔt(adj.)-er, -est.

  1. tightly drawn; tense; not slack.

  2. emotionally or mentally strained or tense:

    taut nerves.

  3. in good order or condition; tidy; neat; trim.

Origin of taut:

1275–1325; earlier taught, ME tought; akin to tow1


Princeton's WordNet

  1. taut, tight(adj)

    pulled or drawn tight

    "taut sails"; "a tight drumhead"; "a tight rope"

  2. taut(adj)

    subjected to great tension; stretched tight

    "the skin of his face looked drawn and tight"; "her nerves were taut as the strings of a bow"


  1. taut(Adjective)

    Tight; under tension, as in a rope or bow string.

  2. taut(Adjective)

    Experiencing stress or anxiety.

  3. taut(Adjective)

    Containing only relevant parts, brief and controlled.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Taut(adj)

    tight; stretched; not slack; -- said esp. of a rope that is tightly strained

  2. Taut(adj)

    snug; close; firm; secure

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


pulled tight

Keep the string taut while you tie a knot in it.

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