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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ta•pe•tum*təˈpi təm(n.)(pl.)-ta

  1. Bot. a layer of nutritive tissue in a developing sporangium or anther that is absorbed as the spore matures.

    Category: Botany

  2. Anat. any of certain membranous layers or layered coverings, as in the choroid coat in certain animals.

    Category: Anatomy, Zoology

* (-tə)..

Origin of tapetum:

1705–15; < NL; ML tapētum coverlet (L, only pl.) < Gk tapēt-, s. of tápēs carpet



  1. tapetum(Noun)

    A membranous layer of tissue

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tapetum(noun)

    an area in the pigmented layer of the choroid coat of the eye in many animals, which has an iridescent or metallic luster and helps to make the eye visible in the dark. Sometimes applied to the whole layer of pigmented epithelium of the choroid


  1. Tapetum

    The tapetum is a layer of nutritive cells found within the sporangium, particularly within the anther, of flowering plants. Tapetum is important for the development of pollen grains. The cells are usually bigger and normally have more than one nucleus per cell. As the sporogenous cells undergo mitosis, the nuclei of tapetal cells also divide. Sometimes, this mitosis is not normal due to which many cells of mature tapetum become multinucleate. Sometimes polyploidy and polyteny can also be seen. The unusually large nuclear constitution of the tapetum helps it in providing nutrients and regulatory molecules to the forming pollen grains. The following processes are responsible for this: ⁕Endomitosis ⁕Normal mitosis not followed by cytokinesis ⁕Formation of restitution nuclei ⁕Endoreduplication Tapetum helps in pollenwall formation, transportation of nutrients to inner side of anther, synthesis of callase enzyme for separation of microspore tetrads.


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