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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tan•gleˈtæŋ gəl(v.; n.)-gled, -gling

  1. (v.t.)to bring together into a mass of confusedly interlaced or intertwisted strands; snarl.

  2. to involve in something that hampers, obstructs, or overgrows.

  3. to catch and hold in or as if in a net or snare.

  4. (v.i.)to be or become tangled.

  5. to come into conflict; fight or argue.

    Category: Informal

  6. (n.)a tangled condition or situation.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  7. a tangled mass; snarl.

  8. a confused jumble; maze.

  9. a conflict; disagreement.

    Category: Informal

Origin of tangle:

1300–50; ME ta(n)gilen to entangle


tan•gleˈtæŋ gəl(n.)

  1. any of several large seaweeds of the genus


    Category: Microbiology

Origin of tangle:

1530–40; < Scand; cf. ON thǫngull strand of tangle, Norw tang


  1. tangly(Adjective)

    Entangled; intricate.

  2. tangly(Adjective)

    Covered with tangle, or seaweed.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tangly(adj)

    entangled; intricate

  2. Tangly(adj)

    covered with tangle, or seaweed


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