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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tan•gi•bleˈtæn dʒə bəl(adj.)

  1. capable of being touched; material or substantial.

  2. real or actual, rather than imaginary or visionary.

  3. definite; not vague or elusive:

    tangible grounds for suspicion.

  4. having actual physical existence, as real estate, and therefore capable of being assigned a monetary value.

  5. (n.)something tangible, esp. a tangible asset.

Origin of tangible:

1580–90; < LL tangibilis < L tang(ere) to touch


Princeton's WordNet

  1. tangible, touchable(adj)

    perceptible by the senses especially the sense of touch

    "skin with a tangible roughness"

  2. real, tangible(adj)

    capable of being treated as fact

    "tangible evidence"; "his brief time as Prime Minister brought few real benefits to the poor"

  3. tangible(adj)

    (of especially business assets) having physical substance and intrinsic monetary value

    "tangible property like real estate"; "tangible assets such as machinery"

  4. palpable, tangible(adj)

    capable of being perceived; especially capable of being handled or touched or felt

    "a barely palpable dust"; "felt sudden anger in a palpable wave"; "the air was warm and close--palpable as cotton"; "a palpable lie"


  1. tangible(Noun)

    real or concrete results

    Yes, but what are the tangibles?

  2. tangible(Adjective)

    touchable; able to be touched or felt; perceptible by the sense of touch; palpable

  3. tangible(Adjective)

    possible to be treated as fact; real or concrete

  4. tangible(Adjective)

    comprehensible by the mind; understandable

  5. Origin: Latin tangibilis, from tangere, "to touch".

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tangible(adj)

    perceptible to the touch; tactile; palpable

  2. Tangible(adj)

    capable of being possessed or realized; readily apprehensible by the mind; real; substantial; evident

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real or definite

tangible evidence.

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