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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tack•leˈtæk əl; for 2-4 ˈteɪ kəl(n.; v.)-led, -ling.

  1. (n.)equipment or gear, esp. for fishing:

    fishing tackle.

  2. any system of leverage using pulleys, as a combination of ropes and blocks as for hoisting or lowering objects.

    Category: Building Trades

  3. the gear and running rigging of a ship.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  4. an act of tackling, as in football.

  5. either of the linemen stationed between a guard and an end in football.

    Category: Sport

  6. (v.t.)to undertake to handle, master, solve, etc.:

    to tackle a problem.

  7. to deal with (a person) on some problem, issue, etc.

  8. to seize, stop, or throw down (a ballcarrier) in football.

    Category: Sport

  9. to seize suddenly, esp. in order to stop.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  10. to harness (a horse).

  11. (v.i.)to tackle a ballcarrier in football.

    Category: Sport

Origin of tackle:

1225–75; ME takel gear, apparatus < MLG; akin to take


Princeton's WordNet

  1. tackle(noun)

    the person who plays that position on a football team

    "the right tackle is a straight A student"

  2. rigging, tackle(noun)

    gear consisting of ropes etc. supporting a ship's masts and sails

  3. fishing gear, tackle, fishing tackle, fishing rig, rig(noun)

    gear used in fishing

  4. tackle(noun)

    (American football) a position on the line of scrimmage

    "it takes a big man to play tackle"

  5. tackle(verb)

    (American football) grasping an opposing player with the intention of stopping by throwing to the ground

  6. undertake, tackle, take on(verb)

    accept as a challenge

    "I'll tackle this difficult task"

  7. harness, tackle(verb)

    put a harness

    "harness the horse"

  8. tackle(verb)

    seize and throw down an opponent player, who usually carries the ball

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. tackle(verb)ˈtæk əl; for 2-4 ˈteɪ kəl

    to deal with a difficult problem

    an attempt to tackle the problem of poverty in the U.S.

  2. tackleˈtæk əl; for 2-4 ˈteɪ kəl

    to use your body to push sb down to the ground

    A policeman tackled him.

  3. tackleˈtæk əl; for 2-4 ˈteɪ kəl

    in soccer, to try to take the ball from a player

  4. tackle(noun)ˈtæk əl; for 2-4 ˈteɪ kəl

    the act of tackling sb with your body

  5. tackleˈtæk əl; for 2-4 ˈteɪ kəl

    in soccer, an attempt to get the ball from a player


  1. tackle(Noun)

    A system of ropes and blocks used to increase the force applied to the free end of the rope.

  2. tackle(Noun)

    Equipment (rod, reel, line, lure, etc.) used when angling.

  3. tackle(Noun)

    By extension, any piece of equipment, particularly gadgetry.

  4. tackle(Noun)

    A play where a player attempts to take control over the ball from an opponent, as in rugby or football.

  5. tackle(Noun)

    A play where a defender brings the ball carrier to the ground.

  6. tackle(Noun)

    Any instance in which one person forces another to the ground.

  7. tackle(Noun)

    The offensive positions between each guard and end, offensive tackle.

  8. tackle(Noun)

    A person playing that position.

  9. tackle(Noun)

    The defensive positions between two ends, defensive tackle.

  10. tackle(Verb)

    to face or deal with attempting to overcome or fight down

    The government's measures to tackle crime were insufficient.

  11. tackle(Verb)

    to attempt to take away a ball

  12. tackle(Verb)

    to bring a ball carrier to the ground

  13. tackle(Noun)

    A person playing that position.

  14. tackle(Noun)


  15. Origin: From takel, from or takel, perhaps related to taken. Akin to takkel, tackel. More at take.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tackle(noun)

    apparatus for raising or lowering heavy weights, consisting of a rope and pulley blocks; sometimes, the rope and attachments, as distinct from the block

  2. Tackle(noun)

    any instruments of action; an apparatus by which an object is moved or operated; gear; as, fishing tackle, hunting tackle; formerly, specifically, weapons

  3. Tackle(noun)

    the rigging and apparatus of a ship; also, any purchase where more than one block is used

  4. Tackle(noun)

    to supply with tackle

  5. Tackle(noun)

    to fasten or attach, as with a tackle; to harness; as, to tackle a horse into a coach or wagon

  6. Tackle(noun)

    to seize; to lay hold of; to grapple; as, a wrestler tackles his antagonist; a dog tackles the game

  7. Tackle(noun)

    to begin to deal with; as, to tackle the problem


  1. Tackle

    Tackle is a playing position in American and Canadian football. Historically, in the one-platoon system a tackle played on both offense and defense. In the modern system of specialized units, offensive tackle and defensive tackle are separate positions.

British National Corpus

  1. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'tackle' in Written Corpus Frequency: #4776

  2. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'tackle' in Verbs Frequency: #561

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an act of tackling

a rugby tackle.

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