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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tab•loidˈtæb lɔɪd(n.)

  1. a newspaper about half the size of an ordinary newspaper, usu. heavily illustrated, and often concentrating on sensational or lurid news.

  2. a condensation or summary.

  3. (adj.)compressed; condensed.

  4. luridly or vulgarly sensational.

Origin of tabloid:

1905–10; tabl (et ) + -oid


Princeton's WordNet

  1. yellow journalism, tabloid, tab(noun)

    sensationalist journalism

  2. tabloid, rag, sheet(noun)

    newspaper with half-size pages


  1. tabloid(Noun)

    A newspaper having pages half the dimensions of the standard format, especially one that favours stories of a sensational nature over more serious news.

  2. tabloid(Adjective)

    In the format of a tabloid.

  3. tabloid(Adjective)

    Relating to a tabloid or tabloids.

    tabloid journalism

  4. Origin: From a trademark for a medicine compressed into a tablet. See -oid.


  1. Tabloid

    A tabloid is a newspaper with compact page size smaller than broadsheet, although there is no standard for the precise dimensions of the tabloid newspaper format. The term "tabloid journalism", which, along with the use of large pictures, tends to emphasize topics such as sensational crime stories, astrology, celebrity gossip and TV is commonly associated with tabloid sized newspapers, though some respected newspapers such as The Independent and The Times are in tabloid format, and in the United Kingdom the size is used by nearly all local newspapers. In the United States, it is commonly the format employed by alternative newspapers. Some small-format papers which claim a higher standard of journalism refer to themselves as compact newspapers instead. The tabloid newspaper format is particularly popular in the United Kingdom, where its page dimensions are roughly 430 mm × 280 mm. Larger newspapers, traditionally associated with higher-quality journalism, are often called broadsheets, and this designation often remains in common usage even if the newspaper moves to printing on smaller pages, as many have in recent years. Thus the terms tabloid and broadsheet are, in non-technical usage, today more descriptive of a newspaper's market position than its physical size.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a newspaper with small pages, big headlines, a lot of pictures and light articles on popular subjects.

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