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  1. David Krone:

    The table that existed was a partisan, Republican effort, the loss last week by [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell showed Democrats that now is the time to find a new table—their own table—and start talking with some moderate Republicans.

  2. Kate Brown:

    I witnessed the difference it makes when our community not only has a seat at the table, but sits at the head of the leadership table, because of my role as caucus leader to set the agenda, we were able to make civil rights and civil unions a priority.

  3. Kenneth Pendarvis:

    I was sitting at the table and I was listening to my music on my Pandora and I heard someone say 'POW!' That thing said 'POW!' Everybody ran behind that table I was sitting at. Everybody hit the floor, I hit the floor too, then they ran to this closet.

  4. Hans Joerg Schelling:

    For me as new finance minister it was a matter of getting clarity and having facts and figures on the table that were as clean as possible to be able to make decisions, now they are there and even if the number is dramatic I am happy that facts and figures are on the table and no one is trying to get back into the fog zone.

  5. Randy Forbes:

    I’ve been wanting for some time to make sure we have a deep penetrating strike capability. It is vitally important that we get this right and not just settle for an ISR capability. The key thing is we’ve got to be very careful about taking things off the table at the beginning because our potential adversaries or competitors are not going to take things off the table.


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