Definitions for tête-à-têteˈteɪt əˈteɪt, ˈtɛt əˈtɛt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

tête-à-têteˈteɪt əˈteɪt, ˈtɛt əˈtɛt(n.; adj.; adv.)(pl.)tête-à-têtes

  1. (n.)a private conversation or interview, usu. between two people.

  2. Category: Furniture

    Ref: Also called vis-à-vis.

  3. (adj.)of, between, or for two persons together without others.

  4. (adv.)(of two persons) together in private:

    to sit tête-à-tête.

Origin of tête-à-tête:

1690–1700; < F: lit., head to head

Princeton's WordNet

  1. tete-a-tete(noun)

    a private conversation between two people

  2. love seat, loveseat, tete-a-tete, vis-a-vis(adj)

    small sofa that seats two people

  3. tete-a-tete, head-to-head(adverb)

    involving two persons; intimately private

    "a tete-a-tete supper"; "a head-to-head conversation"

  4. tete a tete(adverb)

    without the intrusion of a third person; in intimate privacy

    "we talked tete-a-tete"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Tete-a-tete(noun)

    private conversation; familiar interview or conference of two persons

  2. Tete-a-tete(noun)

    a short sofa intended to accomodate two persons

  3. Tete-a-tete(adj)

    private; confidential; familiar

  4. Tete-a-tete(adverb)

    face to face; privately or confidentially; familiarly


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