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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

syn•chro•nizeˈsɪŋ krəˌnaɪz(v.)-nized, -niz•ing.

  1. (v.t.)to cause to indicate the same time, as one timepiece with another.

  2. to cause to go on, move, operate, work, etc., at the same rate and exactly together.

  3. to cause (sound and action) to match precisely in the making of a film or videotape. to match the sound and action in (a filmed or taped scene).

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  4. to cause to agree in time of occurrence; assign to the same time or period, as in a history.

  5. (v.i.)to occur at the same time or coincide or agree in time.

  6. to go on, move, operate, work, etc., at the same rate and exactly together; recur together.

Origin of synchronize:

1615–25; < Gk synchronízein to be contemporary with; see synchronous


Princeton's WordNet

  1. synchronize, synchronise, sync(verb)

    make synchronous and adjust in time or manner

    "Let's synchronize our efforts"

  2. synchronize, synchronise, contemporize, contemporise(verb)

    happen at the same time

  3. synchronize, synchronise(verb)

    make (motion picture sound) exactly simultaneous with the action

    "synchronize this film"

  4. synchronize, synchronise, contemporize, contemporise(verb)

    arrange or represent events so that they co-occur

    "synchronize biblical events"

  5. synchronize, synchronise(verb)

    operate simultaneously

    "The clocks synchronize"

  6. synchronize, synchronise(verb)

    cause to indicate the same time or rate

    "synchronize your watches"


  1. synchronize(Verb)

    To cause two or more events to happen at exactly the same time, at the same rate, or in a time-coordinated way. To harmonize in regard to time.

  2. synchronize(Verb)

    To occur at the same time or with coordinated timing.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Synchronize(verb)

    to agree in time; to be simultaneous

  2. Synchronize(verb)

    to assign to the same date or period of time; as, to synchronize two events of Greek and Roman history

  3. Synchronize(verb)

    to cause to agree in time; as, to synchronize the movements of different machines; to synchronize clocks


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