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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sym•bol•ismˈsɪm bəˌlɪz əm(n.)

  1. the practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning.

  2. a set or system of symbols.

  3. symbolic meaning or character.

  4. the principles and practice of symbolists in literature or art.

    Category: Fine Arts, Literature

  5. (cap.) the literary movement of the Symbolists.

    Category: Literature

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. symbolism(noun)

    a system of symbols and symbolic representations

  2. symbolism, symbolization, symbolisation(noun)

    the practice of investing things with symbolic meaning

  3. symbolism(noun)

    an artistic movement in the late 19th century that tried to express abstract or mystical ideas through the symbolic use of images

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. symbolism(noun)ˈsɪm bəˌlɪz əm

    the fact that sth is symbolic

    the symbolism of the Olympic Torch

  2. symbolismˈsɪm bəˌlɪz əm

    the use of symbols to represent things

    the symbolism in her poetry


  1. symbolism(Noun)

    Representation of a concept through symbols or underlying meanings of objects or qualities.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Symbolism(noun)

    the act of symbolizing, or the state of being symbolized; as, symbolism in Christian art is the representation of truth, virtues, vices, etc., by emblematic colors, signs, and forms

  2. Symbolism(noun)

    a system of symbols or representations

  3. Symbolism(noun)

    the practice of using symbols, or the system of notation developed thereby

  4. Symbolism(noun)

    a combining together of parts or ingredients

  5. Symbolism(noun)

    the science of creeds; symbolics

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Symbolism

    has been divided into two kinds, symbolism of colour and symbolism of form. Of colours, black typifies grief and death; blue, hope, love of divine works, divine contemplation, piety, sincerity; pale blue, power, Christian prudence, love of good works, serene conscience; gold, glory and power; green, faith, immortality, resurrection, gladness; pale green, baptism; grey, tribulation; purple, justice, royalty; red, martyrdom for faith, charity, divine love; rose-colour, martyrdom; saffron, confessors; scarlet, fervour and glory; silver, chastity and purity; violet, penitence; white, purity, temperance, innocence, chastity, and faith in God. Instances of form: Anchor typifies hope; palm, victory; sword, death or martyrdom; the lamb, Christ; unicorn, purity. Of stones, moreover, the amethyst typifies humility; diamond, invulnerable faith; sardonyx, sincerity; sapphire, hope, &c.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Symbolism

    A concept that stands for or suggests something else by reason of its relationship, association, convention, or resemblance. The symbolism may be mental or a visible sign or representation. (From Webster, 3d ed)

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