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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

swiz•zleˈswɪz əl(n.; v.)-zled, -zling.

  1. (n.)a tall drink of dark rum, lime juice, crushed ice, and sugar: typically served with a swizzle stick.

    Category: Viniculture/Winemaking

  2. (v.t.)to agitate (a beverage) with a swizzle stick.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Viniculture/Winemaking

  3. to gulp down; guzzle.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

Origin of swizzle:

1805–15; orig. uncert.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. swizzle(noun)

    any of various tall frothy mixed drinks made usually of rum and lime juice and sugar shaken with ice


  1. swizzle(Noun)

    A name for various kinds of alcoholic drinks.

  2. swizzle(Verb)

    To stir or mix.

    She swizzled the milk into her coffee.

  3. swizzle(Verb)

    To permute bits.

  4. swizzle(Verb)

    To convert portable symbols or positions to memory-dependent pointers during deserialization.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Swizzle(verb)

    to drink; to swill

  2. Swizzle(noun)

    ale and beer mixed; also, drink generally

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. swizzle

    To convert external names, array indices, or references within a data structure into address pointers when the data structure is brought into main memory from external storage (also called pointer swizzling); this may be done for speed in chasing references or to simplify code (e.g., by turning lots of name lookups into pointer dereferences). The converse operation is sometimes termed unswizzling. See also snap.


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