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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sveltesvɛlt, sfɛlt(adj.)svelt•er, svelt•est.

  1. slender, esp. gracefully slender in figure; lithe.

  2. suave; urbane.

Origin of svelte:

1810–20; < F < It svelto < VL *exvellitus, for L ēvulsus, ptp. of ēvellere to pluck out =e-e - +vellere to pull, pluck


Princeton's WordNet

  1. polished, refined, svelte, urbane(adj)

    showing a high degree of refinement and the assurance that comes from wide social experience

    "his polished manner"; "maintained an urbane tone in his letters"

  2. lissome, lissom, lithe, lithesome, slender, supple, svelte, sylphlike(adj)

    moving and bending with ease

  3. slender, slight, slim, svelte(adj)

    being of delicate or slender build

    "she was slender as a willow shoot is slender"- Frank Norris; "a slim girl with straight blonde hair"; "watched her slight figure cross the street"


  1. svelte(Adjective)

    Attractively thin; gracefully slender.

  2. svelte(Adjective)

    refined, delicate

  3. Origin: From svelte, from svelto.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


not thick or fat; thin

She has a slim, graceful figure; Taking exercise is one way of keeping slim.

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