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Princeton's WordNet

  1. suicide bomber(noun)

    a terrorist who blows himself up in order to kill or injure other people


  1. suicide bomber(Noun)

    One who carries explosives on his or her body or in a vehicle and intends to detonate them to ensure maximum casualty of perceived enemies and inflict widespread damage. Usually the attacker is motivated by a political cause and is willing to die in the process.


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of suicide bomber in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of suicide bomber in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Edward Knapp:

    A suicide bomber would have this type of configuration.

  2. Hashmat Stanekzai:

    A suicide bomber on foot detonated his explosives at the door of a bus carrying army soldiers.

  3. Hashmat Stanekzai:

    A suicide bomber was trying to enter Kabul with the intention of detonating explosives in a crowded part of the city, he was being followed by police.

  4. Ammar Ali Khalil:

    I was the one who prepared the suicide vests and placed it on the person. I was also strategizing targets and operations. a top military commander in the Baghdad emirate would contact me that a suicide bomber is ready. The operation would be preplanned. I would receive them in locations close to Baghdad and either take them to our safe house or straight to the target.

  5. Diman Bayeez:

    I was very poor. I have schizophrenia and was just diagnosed with blood cancer, and my only daughter wasn't treating me well. I was borrowing money from people for the treatment. That was in June 2014, and she described her situation to a cab driver named Mahmoud in her home city of Kirkuk. He was ISIS and said if I joined, they would treat me well and pay me, she says. I said I would join on one condition : That they make me a suicide bomber and put me out of my misery. Mahmoud was killed fighting in Hawija, and two ISIS members found her number in his phone. She – along with her now ex-husband – were recruited. K.S. says she did not receive any formal training as a combatant, and did not pledge allegiance to ISIS, but admits that she allowed two militants to stay at her home – she now suspects that one was a spy for the Kurdish security forces. But when she was scheduled to put on the suicide vest, she got cold feet. She fled with the idea of seeking asylum in Europe, but the Kurds picked her up before she could leave. I told them I did all these bad things I didn't do because I wanted to be executed. I still wanted to die, K.S. says, saying that she attempted to kill herself in jail, too, with a kitchen knife. Now Iam thankful to God. I know I have committed no crime. Kurdish authorities beg to differ. According to the deputy manager of the correctional center, Zhino Azad, K.S. was deeply entrenched in ISIS, coordinating for their agents and being a guard at their female prisons – possibly filled with captured Yazidi sex slaves. Even her daughter, a lawyer, is terrified of her, Zhino Azad tells FoxNews.com. She is … a little psychotic. That's the type of people ISIS takes advantage of. K.S. does n’t mind prison at all. It is like heaven in this jail, she says. Here, she is safe from ISIS, is fed and receives medical treatment. I get to read the Koran all day and sleep, K.S. says with a bright smile. And I interpret dreams for the other women. A.H., a 35-year-old mother with a small tribal tattoo on the tip of her nose, also spoke to FoxNews.com. She was issued a life sentence, which was reduced to 20 years, then 15, because she has young children -- six of them who are between 5 and 16 years old. They are being looked after by the second of her husband's four wives. He is in jail now too, she says. At first, A.H. maintains that she was working at a civilian hospital that was controlled by ISIS, but that she never treated wounded fighters, but it does n’t take long for her to let her guard down, especially after the prison official with us begins wandering in and out of the room. I went to ISIS Diman Bayeez and said I would do anything, clean hospitals, if they gave me a salary – $ 260 a month, she says. So I was setting up IVs and injections for the fighters. While she admits to having sworn allegiance to the Caliphate, A.H. also claims she was a spy for Iraqi intelligence, and, fearful that ISIS members would find out, she fled to Kurdistan in early 2016. We have problems, especially with the new prisoners, radicalizing others, so we try to keep the terrorists separate. - Diman Bayeez, manager of the Women and Childrens Prison of Erbil She says all evidence of her spying was taken from her at an Iraqi Army checkpoint. Of course I regret [ helping ISIS ]. But my family was hungry. My husband was old, she pleads. I feel betrayed. They took my phone, my proof I was helping them. They all say they aren't guilty.

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Translations for suicide bomber

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • زارع الألغامArabic
  • Selbstmordattentäter, SelbstmordattentäterinGerman
  • kamikazoEsperanto
  • hombre bomba, terrorista suicidaSpanish
  • itsemurhapommittajaFinnish
  • आत्मघाती हमलावरHindi
  • öngyilkos merénylőHungarian
  • 自爆テロ, 自爆テロ犯Japanese
  • mortem sibi conscivit bomberLatin
  • selvmordsbomber, sjølmordsbomberNorwegian
  • sjølvmordsbombarNorwegian Nynorsk
  • selvmordsbomberNorwegian
  • samobójcaPolish
  • homem-bombaPortuguese
  • atentator sinucigaș, terorist sinucigașRomanian
  • террори́ст-сме́ртник, сме́ртница, челове́к-бо́мба, террори́стка-сме́ртница, сме́ртник, террори́ст, террори́сткаRussian
  • ఆత్మాహుతిTelugu
  • терорист-смертникUkrainian
  • 自殺式炸彈襲擊者Chinese

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