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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sub•or•di•natesəˈbɔr dn ɪt; -dnˌeɪt(adj., n.; v.; adj.; n.)-nat•ed, -nat•ing.

  1. (adj.)placed in or belonging to a lower order or rank.

  2. of less importance; secondary.

  3. subject to or under the authority of a superior.

  4. subservient or inferior.

  5. subject; dependent.

  6. acting as a modifier in a grammatical construction, as when I finished in of or pertaining to a subordinating conjunction.

    They were glad when I finished.

    Category: Grammar

  7. Obs. submissive.

  8. (n.)a subordinate person or thing.

  9. (v.t.)to place in a lower order or rank.

  10. to make secondary (usu. fol. by to).

  11. to make subject, subservient, or dependent (usu. fol. by to).

Origin of subordinate:

1425–75; < ML subōrdinātus, ptp. of subōrdināre= L sub-sub - +ōrdināre to order, der. of ōrdō, s. ōrdin- rank, order ; see -ate1


Princeton's WordNet

  1. subordination(noun)

    the state of being subordinate to something

  2. hyponymy, subordination(noun)

    the semantic relation of being subordinate or belonging to a lower rank or class

  3. subordination(noun)

    the grammatical relation of a modifying word or phrase to its head

  4. subordination(noun)

    the quality of obedient submissiveness

  5. mastery, subordination(noun)

    the act of mastering or subordinating someone


  1. subordination(Noun)

    The process of making something subordinate.

  2. subordination(Noun)

    The property of being subordinate.

  3. subordination(Noun)

    The quality of being properly obedient to a superior (as a superior officer).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Subordination(noun)

    the act of subordinating, placing in a lower order, or subjecting

  2. Subordination(noun)

    the quality or state of being subordinate or inferior to an other; inferiority of rank or dignity; subjection

  3. Subordination(noun)

    place of inferior rank


  1. Subordination

    Subordination in banking and finance refers to the order of priorities in claims for ownership or interest in various assets.

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