Definitions for subduedsəbˈdud, -ˈdyud

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

sub•duedsəbˈdud, -ˈdyud(adj.)

  1. quiet; repressed; controlled.

  2. reduced in fullness of tone, as a color or sound; muted.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. hushed, muted, subdued, quiet(adj)

    in a softened tone

    "hushed voices"; "muted trumpets"; "a subdued whisper"; "a quiet reprimand"

  2. low-key, low-keyed, subdued(adj)

    restrained in style or quality

    "a little masterpiece of low-keyed eloquence"

  3. subdued(adj)

    quieted and brought under control

    "children were subdued and silent"

  4. soft, subdued(adj)

    not brilliant or glaring

    "the moon cast soft shadows"; "soft pastel colors"; "subdued lighting"

  5. dim, subdued(adj)

    lacking in light; not bright or harsh

    "a dim light beside the bed"; "subdued lights and soft music"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. subdued(adjective)əbˈdud, -ˈdyud

    less happy or energetic than usual

    He seemed subdued and a little sad.

  2. subduedəbˈdud, -ˈdyud

    (of light, color, sound, etc.) not bright or loud

    the hotel's subdued decor


  1. subdued(Adjective)

    Conquered; overpowered; crushed; submissive; mild.

    he is subdued after the disagreement last night.

  2. subdued(Adjective)

    Not glaring in color; soft and light in tone.

    the colour scheme used for this room is subdued.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Subdued

    of Subdue

  2. Subdued(adj)

    conquered; overpowered; crushed; submissive; mild

  3. Subdued(adj)

    not glaring in color; soft in tone

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


quiet; not bright or lively

subdued voices; He seems subdued today.

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