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Princeton's WordNet

  1. stump, tree stump(noun)

    the base part of a tree that remains standing after the tree has been felled

  2. stump(noun)

    the part of a limb or tooth that remains after the rest is removed

  3. stump(noun)

    (cricket) any of three upright wooden posts that form the wicket

  4. dais, podium, pulpit, rostrum, ambo, stump, soapbox(verb)

    a platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it

  5. stump, mix up(verb)

    cause to be perplexed or confounded

    "This problem stumped her"

  6. stomp, stamp, stump(verb)

    walk heavily

    "The men stomped through the snow in their heavy boots"

  7. stump(verb)

    travel through a district and make political speeches

    "the candidate stumped the Northeast"

  8. stump(verb)

    remove tree stumps from

    "stump a field"


  1. stump(Noun)

    The remains of something that has been cut off; especially the remains of a tree, the remains of a limb.

  2. stump(Noun)

    The place where a campaign takes place.

  3. stump(Noun)

    An occasion at which the campaign takes place.

  4. stump(Noun)

    One of three small wooden posts which together with the bails make the wicket and that the fielding team attempt to hit with the ball.

  5. stump(Noun)

    An artistsu2019 drawing tool made of rolled paper used to smudge or blend marks made with charcoal, Contu00E9 crayon, pencil or other drawing media.

  6. stump(Noun)

    A wooden or concrete pole used to support a house.

  7. stump(Verb)

    to stop, confuse, or puzzle

  8. stump(Verb)

    to baffle; to be unable to find an answer to a question or problem.

    This last question has me stumped.

  9. stump(Verb)

    to campaign

    Heu2019s been stumping for that reform for months.

  10. stump(Verb)

    to get a batsman out stumped

  11. stump(Verb)

    to walk heavily or clumsily, plod, trudge

Webster Dictionary

  1. Stump(noun)

    the part of a tree or plant remaining in the earth after the stem or trunk is cut off; the stub

  2. Stump(noun)

    the part of a limb or other body remaining after a part is amputated or destroyed; a fixed or rooted remnant; a stub; as, the stump of a leg, a finger, a tooth, or a broom

  3. Stump(noun)

    the legs; as, to stir one's stumps

  4. Stump(noun)

    one of the three pointed rods stuck in the ground to form a wicket and support the bails

  5. Stump(noun)

    a short, thick roll of leather or paper, cut to a point, or any similar implement, used to rub down the lines of a crayon or pencil drawing, in shading it, or for shading drawings by producing tints and gradations from crayon, etc., in powder

  6. Stump(noun)

    a pin in a tumbler lock which forms an obstruction to throwing the bolt, except when the gates of the tumblers are properly arranged, as by the key; a fence; also, a pin or projection in a lock to form a guide for a movable piece

  7. Stump(verb)

    to cut off a part of; to reduce to a stump; to lop

  8. Stump(verb)

    to strike, as the toes, against a stone or something fixed; to stub

  9. Stump(verb)

    to challenge; also, to nonplus

  10. Stump(verb)

    to travel over, delivering speeches for electioneering purposes; as, to stump a State, or a district. See To go on the stump, under Stump, n

  11. Stump(noun)

    to put (a batsman) out of play by knocking off the bail, or knocking down the stumps of the wicket he is defending while he is off his allotted ground; -- sometimes with out

  12. Stump(noun)

    to bowl down the stumps of, as, of a wicket

  13. Stump(verb)

    to walk clumsily, as if on stumps

  14. Origin: [OE. stumpe, stompe; akin to D. stomp, G. stumpf, Icel. stumpr, Dan. & Sw. stump, and perhaps also to E. stamp.]


  1. Stump

    Stump is a term used in the sport of cricket where it has three meanings, part of the wicket, a manner of dismissing a batsman and the end of the day's play.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Pete Seat:

    The Ben Carson I've seen on television is not the Ben Carson I've seen on the stump.

  2. Fergus Cullen:

    I've seen some other candidates have felt like they needed to dial up the anger on the stump in some kind of appeal to voters.

  3. Ray Tweedie:

    I think the governor has to find a way. My advice to him is ... keep your stump speech really short and let people ask questions.

  4. William S. Gilbert:

    If you wish in this world to advance Your merits you're bound to enhance You must stir it and stump it, And blow your own trumpet, Or, trust me, you haven't a chance.

  5. W. S. Gilbert:

    If you wish in this world to advance, your merits you're bound to enhance You must stir it and stump it, and blow your own trumpet, or trust me, you haven't a chance.

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