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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

store•keep•erˈstɔrˌki pər, ˈstoʊr-(n.)

  1. a person who owns or operates a store.

  2. a petty officer in the U.S. Navy in charge of a supply office afloat or ashore.

    Category: Military

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. shopkeeper, tradesman, storekeeper, market keeper(noun)

    a merchant who owns or manages a shop


  1. storekeeper(Noun)

    The person who runs a shop, either the owner or manager.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Storekeeper(noun)

    a man in charge of stores or goods of any kind; as, a naval storekeeper

  2. Storekeeper(noun)

    one who keeps a "store;" a shopkeeper. See 1st Store, 3


  1. Storekeeper

    Storekeeper is an enlisted rating in the United States Coast Guard; until 2009 it was also a United States Navy rating, the most common supply rate in US Navy vs. CS and SH and very much equivalent to the MOS 92 of the US Army. In the Navy this rate, together with PC, has been renamed or superseded by the rate Logistics Specialist.


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